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Apr 17, 2018

It's a fact, there are only one Martin and one Justin that you know. All others have to change their names. Martin has a leftover of drugs from his surgery. Justin is woefully unqualified. And the boys get a surprise phone call. Make sure you share the podcast give us a 5 star review on your favorite podcast platform. 

Feel free to give us a call sometime with a question or comment at 951-472-3273.

Apr 6, 2018

This is the Post-Easter podcast! Strange things happen during Easter services. Martin makes Justin nervous about his upcoming surgery. And the fellas get a phone call from an old friend asking for help. Make sure you share the podcast and make sure you give up a 5 star review on your favorite podcast platform. 

And give us a call sometime with a question or comment at 951-472-3273.

Mar 24, 2018

The boys are back at it. Both talk about when they realized they were middle aged. Martin wants the organ to hit the preacher notes for him. Justin bans the tambourine from the worship band. All of this is known as Podcast Gold when the Two Bearded Preachers talk about it. Don't forget to leave a 5 star review on your favorite listening platform. 

P.S. Martin gets choked out in a very awkward position. 

Mar 16, 2018

Despite the rumors, Martin and Justin are not dead...yet. Instead they are back to their old ways bring you what you want, podcast gold. A lot has happened in their absence. Justin is now a professional streamer. Martins mom has an iPad Mini. They both weigh the option of starting an EDM worship service. And Martin makes Justin throw up. Like we said, podcast gold.

Jan 18, 2018

Those Bearded Brothers you know so well are at it again. This time they talk about how they plan their sermon series, how their stages at church are designed, and the best way to deal with aggressive nuisance critters. None will escape Justin's gaze as he stands on the platform and Martin will finally give his congregation a break from moving the furniture in this wonderous episode of podcast gold!

Jan 9, 2018

In this episode Justin and Martin talk about why they've not put out many episodes lately. You'll hear a little bit about the farm Martin moved into and how Justin deals with strangers calling him on the phone. We talk a little bit about The Last Jedi, but this conversation is so old there are no spoilers. Enjoy the show!

Dec 20, 2017

How should the preachers dress when they are wearing medical devices? Does the belt have to match the shoes? Does having a beard make you more likely to get arrested? All this and more is discussed right here! Listen to Martin and Justin go on and on about how clothes should be worn and who killed Biggie. Enjoy!

Nov 8, 2017

Yes they're back. Beards are back. Maybe a little worse for the wear, Justin and Martin make their triumphant return from injury to bring back that podcast gold you all know and love. Find out why there hasn't been a new episode for so long as Martin shares his tale of heroism and valor. Justin represents just as well sharing how he tried to scam his wife into a new microwave. Don't call it a comeback, call it what it is - straight fire.

Oct 19, 2017

The Two Bearded Preachers are at it again! They talk about the nature of evil in the aftermath of the Las Vegas mass murder without much more than lament. They lighten things up after the intermission discussing Idiocracy, Thunderdome, and the Orville. All the while they discuss their lives and ministries. Podcast Gold.

Oct 2, 2017

The Two Bearded Preachers revisit Chuck Norris at Starbucks and have a shocking experience. They discuss whether firearms should be available from the pulpit, and sing a few songs along the way. Justin continues to try and be a good son and Martin misapplies hip-hop lyrics. Podcast gold is here just for you!

Sep 21, 2017

Martin and Justin get back at mining that podcast gold after surviving the winds of hurricane Irma. They talk about why two men can't live together, America's Got Talent, and how one should interact with a celebrity when seen in public. This episode is too legit to quit, so you better not either.

Sep 9, 2017

Justin may be getting ready for the storm, but Martin is making sure that podcast gold gets released. In this episode of Two Bearded Preachers the fellers talk about getting ready for the hurricane, how grandmothers can be evil too, and why hemorrhoids are no laughing matter. Make sure you don't get involved in a land war in Asia and never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

Sep 5, 2017

In this episode, Justin and Martin talk about why they have continued podcasting long after everyone thought they would quit. The Two Bearded Preachers take some time to discuss their current youth ministries and the opportunities that exist in both their churches. Justin has a tremendous victory against someone who attempts to facially profile him. Martin defends Joel Osteen's response to the flooding in Houston. This episode has a little bit of everything!

Aug 24, 2017

The Two Bearded Preachers read tweets from their favorite Twitter personality: Restoration Hulk! They smash your preconceived notions of how to position oneself while praying. Each shares how they work application into the sermon while disagreeing on the degree to which the pastor should apply the text during the message. You'll also find out which of the two has no trust for their children. Enjoy the show!

Aug 21, 2017

Justin and Martin talk about how to dress for success in the zombie apocalypse, the best way to fire a volunteer, and why popular preachers are just so darn good looking. There's also a story about Justin's kid falling in the shower and thoughts on why you don't need to carry primary and secondary weapons as well as train in martial arts. Some one's looking for a fight in this episode! Check it out!

Aug 10, 2017

In this episode, Justin and Martin talk about whether or not Christians ought to watch Game of Thrones. You may be offended by their answer, but it's highly doubtful that they care. Find out why Martin is stressed, the source of his cold sore, and how he plans to entertain Justin on a visit they have planned for later this year. Justin explains why he only likes television that has loose ties to reality, why he is so busy and admits he doesn't know how to clean a hog. The Two Bearded Preachers keep it pretty light in this episode, so don't beat them up too bad in the comments. Enjoy!

Aug 3, 2017

What you are about to hear is the podcast equivalent of taking all your leftovers and putting them in a casserole. Sometimes it makes the most delicious meal. Sometimes it is an absolute train wreck. In this episode, Martin took a bunch of clips he saved from previous conversations and slammed them together into an episode that isn't too far from the standard and is definitely worthy of the "podcastgold" hashtag. Justin finds comradery among the dads at the water park, Martin talks about one of the greatest classroom games from his high school days, and both just yammer on and on about nothing in particular making you wonder why you listen to this nonsense in the first place. They both also think it is important to beat your kids at video games and Pokemon. Enjoy the show!

Oh, did I mention Justin watched Twilight? Because he totally watched Twilight and we have it on good authority that he loved every minute of it and is 100% team Jacob.

Jul 26, 2017

The Two Bearded Preachers discuss how questionable choices can impact one's life, the big fight between Mayweather and McGregor, and how letting someone watch you play video games is a wonderful act of charity. More specifically, Justin crop dusts an entire VBS, Martin gets a ridiculous sunburn, and they both doubt the long term audience of boxing. Hear them lament the fact that there won't be a corresponding MMA match between Floyd and Conor while Justin tries to get new followers to his twitch account. Do him a favor and show a little love: 

Jul 19, 2017

Can Spider-man identify as a homosexual if he has neither homosexual actions or desires? It sounds like cultural appropriation to the Two Bearded Preachers so you better check your privilege. This week, Justin talks about how he is terrible at golf and refuses to explain pornography to his son. Martin promises to text an entire book to Justin and plans to see a living wild beaver even if it means staying up past his bedtime. They answer the age old question of why there are so many movie remakes and even discuss the insanity surrounding Eugene Peterson's bizarre behavior over the past few days. It's all good and there's no need to worry because there remain certain offshore accounts that will keep the show coming to you free of charge for the foreseeable future. Enjoy the show!

Jul 11, 2017

What could possibly be wrong with making new friends on Facebook? Martin finds out when Justin tells him Jayden K Smith may not be the talented actor from After Earth. Justin has a lot to say about how he responds to death and shares how talking about it is helpful. They try to figure out why FaceTime was misbehaving and talk about the best Netflix comedy with naughty words. Don't try to do math if it's after 11:00 and make sure to share this episode with all your snapchat followers, heathens.

Jul 3, 2017

Hey everyone! After a break that was just a little too long your favorite facially blessed preachers are back bringing that sweet, sweet podcast gold you all know and love. Listen to Justin and Martin talk about their experiences as deans of church camps, the horrors of dealing with children, and why there's just never enough summer to go around. The Two Bearded Preachers are back and better than ever in their much anticipated 83rd episode. Check it out and share it with the many acquaintances you interact with on social media. 

Do you have a church camp horror story? Share it with the Two Bearded Preachers by calling 951-472-3273 and leaving a message. We promise Justin will listen to it!

Jun 8, 2017

Ok, we admit it, this episode is absolute gold! Sure, it may be strung together from the leftovers that have been stacking up, but that doesn't mean the conversation about taking the law into one's own hands isn't appropriate for today. We certainly think it is. Check out how we thread together conversation over a number of weeks in order to cover a week where our conversation was in person and not even recorded. We even talk a little about Andrew Peterson and his use of an instrument made out of an armadillo. That's podcast gold if anything is.

May 30, 2017

Katy Perry said what? Yes, when a terrible act of violence occurs pop stars say stupid things in response. It's almost as predictable as the sunrise. Justin and Martin spend a little time talking about terrorism, recognizing they are not the best individuals to discuss the topic. They move on from there to discuss the best way one could put medicinal marijuana into their system and decide it's probably by a suppository. The conversation then shifts to the doctrine of predestination and how people in the pews react to difficult theological subjects. This episode covers a lot of territory, so try and keep up with Two Bearded Preachers as they mine podcast gold once again.

May 23, 2017

Without question, the best R-rated superhero movie is in the X-Men universe but does Deadpool or Logan reign supreme? In this episode of the Two Bearded Preachers, Justin and Martin argue over which is superior. They also discuss why you should and shouldn't listen to the Drunk Ex-Pastors and Bad Christian podcasts, talk about how generational issues affect the church and are glad to hear most people these days are more interested in sound preaching than mirror balls at church. The whole conversation comes after they have already been talking for nearly an hour, so some of the conversation goes a little off the rails. At any rate, this episode unearths heaps of podcast gold for everyone to enjoy. Don't forget to share the episode while in casual conversation with your friends.

May 16, 2017

You're probably sitting at home, continually updating your podcast catcher, wondering why the latest episode of the Two Bearded Preachers hasn't dropped yet. Well, Justin and Martin happen to have lives outside of the show they occasionally need to maintain and that just happened to happen this weekend. Don't worry though. Your favorite show on the internet is here for you now and it is so very good. 


This week the Bearded Duo talk about the terror of bike gangs in St. Cloud, how an interview should be conducted for positions in a church, and the best musical instrument for every style: the BONGOS! Learn why the didgeridoo is the instrument of the future and how to avoid getting run out of the church by your preacher. This episode takes podcast gold to the next level. Check it out.

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